A Natural Treatment for Dry Eyes

As the name suggests, dry eyes is a condition characterized by dryness of the eyes. This ailment leads to constant itching of the eyes, thereby contributing towards blurred vision. Fortunately, there are many means out there that can help one combat this ailment. Let’s have a look at the natural cure available for dry eyes.

1. Blinking will help

Reports suggest that an average person blinks about 22 times in a minute, however those individuals who spend considerable amount of time watching television or staring at a computer screen blink only 7 times in a minute. Since our eyes are not meant to keep staring at an object for a prolonged period of time, the natural moisture present in our eyes fades away, thereby contributing towards dry eyes. So, if you are indulged in a task that involves staring at a particular object for too long, then your best bet would be to take a short break in regular intervals so that your eyes get some rest.

2. Lavender oil

Those in love with herbal solutions can consider lavender oil to deal with dry eyes. All you need to do is take some warm water and add few drops of lavender oil into it. Soak and squeeze two cotton balls into the solution and place them on your closed eyelids. This trick will help you regain the lost moisture that contributes towards dry eyes.

3. Tea bags

Use of tea bags can also offer you similar benefits as that of lavender oil. You need to follow the same procedure as outlined above, but use tea bags over here. Simply place the tea bags on your closed eyelids for about 5 to 7 minutes in order to experience positive results with this method.

4. Cucumber slice

Placing cucumber slices on each eyelid can relax your eyes, thereby stimulating moisture content in the eyes.

5. Tamarind seeds

Tamarind seed is another natural treatment that can do the trick for you. One needs to soak some tamarind seeds in warm water and use the seed extracts to find relief from dry eyes.

6. Warm compressor

A warm compressor can stimulate the oil glands that promote eye moisture, thereby helping one find comfort from the situation. Over here, you need to use a wet cloth and ring it out before placing them on your closed eyelids. Your best bet would be to use this method as soon you wake up in the morning. Try this out for several times in a day by devoting 5 minutes for each session.

7. Allergy

Not many people out there are aware of the fact that dry eyes can also be a result of an allergic reaction. Those who have been experimenting with a new skin care or hair care solution should discontinue the use of products that contribute towards eye dryness.

8. Environmental factors

As they say, “forearmed is being forewarned”. Sometimes taking precautionary steps go a long way in helping one keep a particular ailment at bay. Environmental factors such as sun and wind can result into dry eyes. You should consider wearing sunglasses while venturing outside the four walls of the house.

9. Diet

Lastly, make sure that you supply your body with good amount of fluid. Also, include loads of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as they are good for your eyes.

If you pay heed to the above said pointers, your eyes will certainly thank you for the efforts!

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