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There is no standard recipe for the best and most efficient training method for muscle building. Every body reacts differently and has different fitness and stress limits that need to test out. Basically, it is important that the chosen sport and training method on a uniform muscle taken from the. The muscle groupsshould be equally trained, so that it does not happen that certain muscles atrophy and the body is too one-sided burden on time. In the longer term this would cause more harm than good.

A very important factor is to train regularly and persistently to permanently push the muscle, the long term to stabilize the muscular system and body control and maintain power. The strength training with concerted practice routines is a good way to build muscle to ensure a stable. The vote of the training plan should not be neglected in this case definitely. A rotation of the exercises and a time change of stressed muscles to build strength and muscle optimize. An advantage is it if you look at training results recorded in writing. Just so you can maximize control over their training progress.

Fitness & Nutrition

Training is important not only in itself. The muscle needs during training and recovery phases with sufficient nutrients and energy are supplied, otherwise no additional muscle mass can be built.

Important of which is the one carbohydrate. There are several variants that can be metabolized by the body quickly in different ways. Most important are complex carbohydrates that need to be split several times and the body slowly, with long-term energy supply, however. Several hours before the training, the carbohydrate stores of potatoes, oatmeal, cereal, etc. be well padded.

Short-term energy suppliers, however, are simple sugars in the form of glucose or energy bars. When dosing caution is necessary. The power bar can indeed compensate for energy deficits quickly, but in too large quantities quickly converted into fat as well.

The muscle structure requires a second major protein substance. The vital proteins occur in meat and fish products, in legumes, potatoes and nuts. You have to be taken with food necessarily, because the body can not manufacture them. For muscle building are essential, 2 - 2.5 are g day and per kilogram of body weight adequately. Caution is necessary: the body can not process excess protein, a longer-term oversupply can diseases such as gout, for cause.

Also, fats are a source of energy for muscle building, but should be consumed only in small sizes. Here is the training maxim, which generally guarantees in sport long-term, sustainable success: The right amount is crucial.

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