16 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel for More Views

Youtube is one of the oldest social media platforms that even rivals television today. It started out as a platform to post videos. Today, it has transformed into a place where people make and post videos, and earn money through them. YouTube video editors spend colossal amounts of time and effort making videos seamless.

We’ve got a few tips for you to promote your YouTube channel

Now, many people of diverse backgrounds run YouTube channels that showcase different genres. For example, Pewdiepie stands in the top ten channels producing gameplay videos using promo video maker. There is also Mostlysane, making funny lifestyle videos, among others. Therefore, genre does not really play a role in getting noticed. Though it should be niche enough to entertain people, your videos need not stick to a particular genre.

So here are 16 ways you can change the outlook of your YouTube channel.

1. Titles and optimization for enhanced reach

This is the first thing that a consumer sees when they are scrolling through their feed. Therefore, you should make sure that your titles are compelling enough to attract people. If you simply provide a descriptive headline, that is not enough. People simply skip videos with not-so-enticing headlines. You need to bring emotions into the titles. Make them short and use words that would arouse curiosity.

2. Thumbnails are important

Along with the headlines, what catches more attention are thumbnails. They give a small story about what viewers could expect in the video, attracting them to click. But more often than not, many YouTube viewers get misguided by images on the thumbnails, a trick that creators play. They simply hype the content in their thumbnails and covers, forcing people to see the video.

3. Cross-link promotion

There are many ways through which you can promote your content. Social media platforms and cross-link promotions, like newsletters and emails, are highly efficient. People are always on the lookout for new content every day. Thus, they usually keep that in mind when they get notified of anything new and visit the channel. Moreover, with promotions over emails and newsletters, people are constantly reminded of upcoming things. Hence, when you launch the video, they immediately click and watch your content.

4. Interactive contests

Most creators use this tactic to bring in more audiences. They manage to make interactive videos that transform into series. Additionally, it also keeps the audience engaged and makes sure they come back after the episode. You can try using puzzles with answers provided the next day. This trick helps the channel’s YouTube statistics to skyrocket and simultaneously helps to grow your fanbase.

5. Make a series of a particular category

There are various genres that you can explore. Some try comedy, some drama and reviews, and some gameplay. Nonetheless, to become more entertaining, make a series of videos with a primary genre. For example, a YouTube channel known as Sunday Suspense creates a podcast where they narrate different stories every day. Each story is a part of a bigger picture.

6. Add CTAs

A call to action (CTA) is asking your viewers to like, share and subscribe. You must have heard this often in many videos. There are ways to make CTAs. Some make direct contact when they look straight into the camera and ask their viewers to share and subscribe. Or, they provide them in descriptions. Another way of going about this is making a short clip at the end of the original video asking people to 'like, share and subscribe'.

7. Collaboration

Introducing brands in your YouTube videos is the easiest way to gain followers. These exercises will help gain more followers and run a successful video streaming channel. All you have to do is collaborate with a brand and incorporate the product with your niche. Then, do what you do best and simply focus on the brand in some part of the clip. The brand will also share your video for its advantage, and you will gain followers.

8. Make playlists

Segregate your videos and turn them into playlists. For example, you will see many videos coming in every three to four days on many astrology channels. Every video is different for every zodiac sign. Therefore, creators make playlists so it is easy for people to navigate.

For example, let's say you are a Taurus. So you will look for videos related to your zodiac. There are separate playlists for each zodiac sign; therefore, it is easy to find yours. Hence, they get subscribers who are different yet looking for the same thing.

9. Social media

Social media rules the world. Information gets through quickly, and it is also easily accessible. So, take complete advantage of this situation and spread the word about your channel as much as possible.

10. SEO is essential in videos

No matter what you do, try not to skip SEO. Search Engine Optimization does exactly what it sounds like. It uses keywords to help your content appear on Google. Therefore, anyone who is looking for said keywords will get access to your video.

11. Metadata

Do not forget to update your metadata when you are updating your videos. It consists of important information like your headline, titles, date of creation and location. It is also inclusive of the camera frames and the frame rates.

12. Ask your people

This trick is one way you can keep your audience engaged and intrusive. Make a community where your fans will be able to interact with you. Through it, ask your audience what they want to see next. They must have a couple of things in mind, and you will get a lot of suggestions. In addition, it will make them eager to watch your next video.

13. Active community member

Create a community, be it on YouTube itself or social media. Then, you can simply chat with your people or make announcements. These will take you a long way when you become famous. Moreover, they will help you find more ideas.

14. Community guidelines

As a creator, it is vital to maintain credibility. But, unfortunately, that usually does not happen if you happen to do something that violates community guidelines. Sometimes, the creators may become abusive, which causes their videos to get banned. But they turn it around by creating drama and providing entertainment.

15. Live series

Live series is another way of interacting with your fans. Make live streams of doing what you do best. You can try entertaining them with your words. Regardless, people love seeing celebrities and creators being very ordinary. You can chat with them and create a good bond with the audience.

16. Just be yourself

Finally, every person is different and they bring a different perspective. There are many YouTubers who completely change their dynamics of interaction and content creation. They adjust it to the likes of the consumers and viewers. Don’t fall into that trap, instead just be yourself and follow community guidelines regardless of whatever feedback you get.

Final thoughts

YouTube creators have come a long way. Earlier the sole reason for making YouTube videos was entertainment. But today it is a complete business that is only growing. Creators, when they hit several subscribers, earn money from doing what they love. Isn’t that what we all are after?

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