How to Get More Views on Youtube: 18 Tips That Really Work

YouTube is an incredible platform for video creators. According to Forbes, YouTube is the second most popular entertainment application after Netflix, with content on all topics in life. Most brands and companies have already integrated YouTube into their digital marketing campaigns due to its growing importance in video marketing.

Every day, creators upload millions of videos, and it is crucial to stay relevant on this platform to reach the target audience. So, knowing all these statistics, you must be wondering how to get more views on YouTube.

Most people struggle to get views and engagement, especially when they start their YouTube journey.

It may not be easy to get maximum views at the initial stage, regardless of the excellent quality of the content. It's also not easy to create your own videos to publish on YouTube. That's why below we leave you some solid tips on how to get more views on YouTube and expand the reach of your content:

18 Simple Tips to Get More Views on YouTube

YouTube receives billions of views, so standing out in terms of content is crucial. Here's how to get more views for your YouTube videos:

1. Start with Channel Basics

As a beginner or someone starting their YouTube journey, getting the basics right is essential. Before focusing on content quality, marketing, and equipment upgrades, ensure you understand YouTube's main fundamentals.
  • Channel Name - Your channel is your brand or content creator identity. Choosing the right name is essential for YouTube. Choose a name that is unique but easy to remember. Always choose a name that is relevant to your channel's content.
  • Channel icon - This is the first image people will see when they browse your channel. Make sure to use an attractive, creative, and impactful visual image for the channel. Use a brand logo or your image as a content creator. Additionally, add an eye-catching cover image to create a more significant impact.
  • About Section - Don’t overlook the “about me” section because it informs viewers and subscribers about the channel and the type of content they can find. Optimize the “about me” section with keywords to increase its visibility.

2. Choose A Niche and Ditch Generic Content

There is a lot of generic content floating around on YouTube, and your channel shouldn't be another one of them. There are some effective strategies to get more views. Create content in short videos and join a niche of people who also have informative and entertaining content to reach the audience that consumes this type of information.

For example, before recording and uploading videos to YouTube, it's essential to figure out your audience and create content for them. Create specific videos that always meet your audience.

Analyze the audience and invest time in getting to know them better. Here are some of the things you can ask to try to find your target audience:
  • What is the objective or purpose of the videos? Is the focus on acquiring new customers or educating existing ones?
  • What is the level of the videos? Are the videos for beginners or advanced users?
  • What type of videos do you want to create? Will they be in line with the purpose and interest of your audience?

3. Video SEO Optimization

Mastering the basics of YouTube SEO is key to getting more views. Here are some of the basics of SEO optimization for YouTube videos.

  • Keyword research for videos is essential. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to search for relevant keywords.
  • Use keywords in metadata, video titles, tags, subtitles, video description text, etc.
  • Improve audience retention and watch time.

Video SEO is an important aspect that helps increase visibility, follower engagement, and get more organic views. YouTube SEO helps optimize videos for more searches.

4. Customize the Thumbnail

The thumbnail is a potent tool to increase the number of views on YouTube. Customize the thumbnail with a relevant image or text that overviews the content.

As potential viewers search their YouTube feed or your channel and decide what they want to see, your thumbnail helps draw their attention. Here are some things you should consider to create an effective thumbnail:
  • Do not create a “Clickbait” thumbnail, as this reduces the credibility of your YouTube channel. Always use a thumbnail that clearly and accurately describes the video. A misleading thumbnail may get more clicks, but it decreases viewing time.
  • Use an attractive image or bright colors with some text to create the thumbnail. Make it catchy and creative to attract people's attention.
  • The recommended resolution for the thumbnail is 1280 x 720 pixels. Always use a high-resolution thumbnail to be clear and stand out from the competition.

5. Always Use Metadata for A Better Recommendation

Want to be recommended after someone views your popular video? Yes, this improves your channel's visibility and helps increase the number of views.

YouTube's algorithm was created to keep viewers engaged for as long as possible. Therefore, YouTube recommends videos one after another that are relevant to the last video you watched. Adding SEO-optimized metadata helps recommend your video after a user views a more popular video.

6. Strategize Content and Maintain Consistency

It's essential to stay consistent with increasing views on YouTube. However, in the name of consistency, don't upload mediocre content that serves no purpose.

To get views, content quality is significant, and you can create content to educate or entertain your audience. The YouTube platform is great for video creators and brands to balance entertainment with education.

Below we list some of the most viewed types of videos on YouTube:
  • “How-to”, tutorials, and do-it-yourself videos are the most popular types of videos.
  • Unboxing and productand service evaluation videos are widely viewed, especially by younger audiences.
  • Educational videos on different topics are highly sought after and quite popular.
  • Entertainment videos are widely “consumed” by YouTube users.
  • Good vlog content is also very popular on YouTube.
  • Ask your audience what types of videos they want to see. This will help you create videos that are relevant to your audience.

7. Edit Videos Before Uploading

Unedited and raw recordings require much editing to bring the content together. A good YouTube video editor is a must-have tool to be able to edit your videos, cut out unwanted parts, change the color level, adjust the brightness, add music, etc.

Below, we show other advantages of using a video editor to improve the content you want to publish on your YouTube channel:
  • It helps you assemble short video clips to create a complete video.
  • It helps you add transition effects, filters, multiple audio tracks, graphics, and other elements to the video.
  • It helps you add transition effects like fades, spins, flips, dissolves, etc. A well-edited video has good clarity and interests people.
  • It helps you change the movement of video clips. Add a little feeling or drama to your video by slowing down, or speeding up the video.
  • It helps add subtitles, allowing wider audiences to understand and connect with your content.

8. Use Cards and End Screens to Get More Traffic

Cards and end screens help drive high traffic to your videos. Cards are a clickable, interactive area that can be inserted at any time during the video.

An effective way to drive traffic to your videos is to insert a clickable card into a video that links to another video. Another effective way is to use cards as pop-ups.

Add a pop-out card to a video and link it to another relevant video that provides information related to the same topic. Using cards and pop-outs helps encourage and redirect viewers to the following video.

The addition of end screens is a CTA or call to action, at the end of the video. This encourages viewers to move on to the next step and redirects them to the link provided.

End screens are a great way to encourage and ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Always promote other videos through end screens if you want more views for your videos.

9. Transcribe and Add Subtitles

Subtitles are mandatory if you want your videos to reach a large audience. Transcribe the video and add subtitles to ensure non-native viewers easily understand the video content.

It's essential if you're making videos in a regional language, and adding English subtitles increases audience viewing.

10. Create A Playlist

Creating a playlist is one of the best ways to entice your audience to binge-watch your videos. A video playlist is one of the best ways to encourage long-term viewing on your channel and takes the viewer directly from one video to another.

When creating a playlist, be sure to combine relevant video sequences together. For example, a playlist like “30 days of yoga for weight loss” with 30 videos from day 1 to day 30 generates interest and continuity in post times.

11. Build A Good Relationship with the Public

The more the audience connects with your content, the greater the number of views. As a YouTube content creator or brand, it's important to create a positive relationship with your audience.

Audience engagement is directly proportional to relationship building and subsequent views. Engage and communicate with your audience to help build trust and credibility and generate more views.

Here are some ideas for creating better audience engagement:
  • Respond to all comments - This makes the audience feel seen and heard. If there is constructive feedback, respond appropriately.
  • Start a YouTube Live session to connect with subscribers and viewers. Communicate with the audience through questions and answers.
  • Run a contest on YouTube and attract the audience with good rewards and gifts.

12. Be Clever and Creative When Writing the Title

The title of the video speaks volumes about its content. Don't use a title that is just a decoy to get clicks because the lack of relevance will make viewers stop watching your videos. Create a good, SEO-optimized title to add to your video that provides relevance to the content.

Furthermore, well-written titles catch people's attention because they compel them to stop and watch the video instead of simply moving on to another. Don't use a very complicated title.

According to the YouTube algorithm, titles such as “How to” or those that start with numbers like “5 ways to improve gut health” are more relevant and generate more interest. Always remember that relevance is an essential thing in SEO optimization.

13. Promote and Share Video Content on Social Media

Billions of people use social networks. Sharing the video on various social media channels helps to get more views. Promote your YouTube channel or video to get more views.

However, make sure not to upload all the content on social media platforms. Uploading the full video on platforms like Instagram, Facebook , TikTok, etc. increases engagement and reach on these platforms over YouTube.

Post a short excerpt or promo from the video and add a link to the full video to redirect your viewer to YouTube.

15. Adjust Channel Details

Channel appearance plays an important role in maximizing YouTube views. The appearance of your YouTube account is an important aspect of getting more views. Channel branding, appearance, and overall details help generate better views.

Here are some things you can and should adjust in your channel details:
  • Create a distinct and attractive visual identity for the channel. Use a good brand name, logo, banner, etc.
  • Add all relevant social media links and website links.
  • Always make sure to keep your contact information up to date.

16. Enable Video Embedding

Enable embedding for your videos because this makes the video shareable. In other words, it allows websites and other channels to embed your videos, if they wish, thus increasing their views.

For example, a content author may be interested in one of the educational videos they made and incorporate it into their article that reaches hundreds of thousands of people. As a result, many readers of his articles will see the video on his channel increasing its views.

To activate embedding, go to the YouTube studio and click on “content”. Select the video and tap “Edit”, “Choose to embed” and click to activate video embedding.

17. Invite and Ask for More Viewers

While YouTube cards and end screens are popular tools for linking to another video and retargeting your audience, a spoken request makes a big difference.

Always ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel at the beginning or end of your videos. Subscribers help increase the organic reach of your YouTube videos. So, humbly ask people to subscribe and click the bell icon to receive notifications. This is where you can get creative.

The greater the number of subscribers, the more views you will have on your videos. It is common for a YouTuber to ask viewers to “Leave a Like and Subscribe” when leaving the video.

18. Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Collaborating and creating content with other YouTubers is fun and a great way to get more viewers. As two creators or brands team up, the video is watched by audiences on both channels, increasing views. However, make sure you collaborate with people or brands relevant to your content.


Have you discovered a way to increase YouTube views? As a beginner, it is challenging to create good quality content, stay consistent, and generate views. Building a reliable audience on YouTube doesn't necessarily have to be a huge struggle.

This article's setup and implementation tips are ways to improve your YouTube content and get more views. The tips have helped many YouTube videos generate many views and more engagement. Always think that now is your turn.

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