5 Important Things to Make your Computer Performance Faster

When activities or work with computers, sometimes we often made upset because of slow computer performance. The question is, how to keep your computer’s performance can work as fast as possible, without a “slowly” word. Follow these tips 5 Important Things to Make your Computer Performance Faster below.

Bored with PC so slow? PC Performance Do you really affect the way you work, and also the work you do on the computer. However, in line with technological developments, there are more and more factors that slow your PC’s performance. Here are some tips and information that could help speed up your PC’s performance.

1. Remove viruses from your PC You

Viruses can enter the e-mail, internal, USB or other files. Use antivirus such as AVG or Kaspersky to remove viruses from computers and do not forget to schedule regular scans. In some anti-virus, no function to scan automatically every time you download or copy a file. Antivirus should be updated periodically to obtain maximum results. Most antivirus software will update itself automatically when you enter the Internet connection or each time a version of the latest updates.

The virus also can enter the internal network such as office computer. Viruses that can menggkamukan themselves will detect the other computer that is connected to the internal network and instantly send a virus to it. If your network does not require internet, it’s good to shut down the Internet connection you have and use computers offline. For a virus that still spread it offline, remind your office network administrator to install a firewall and virus scan.

2. Remove unused programs

First, remove programs that are not used anymore. There are several programs that we often install only for a brief and not used again. The program spends on the computer where you, and some running in the background without the knowledge of You. Remove or uninstall programs you do not use.

3. Installing antispyware

Most of the programs and applications can be easily removed by using Add or Remove Programs option in Control Panel, but spyware programs difficult to remove or even detect. There are many antispyware programs can detect and remove these programs. It is important to always have antispyware programs, because spyware might install itself on computers without the knowledge of You You, for example via the Internet. After you install the antispyware program, run to detect and remove unwanted programs. Or you can schedule regular scans.

4. Empty wasted space

Removing unused programs is a great way to free up disk space, which will speed up your computer. Another way to find wasted disk space is to use the Disk Cleanup tool. However, even if you have to delete the program manually, the program may still be stored in the Registry. Often, the registry is full of causing a lot of burden for the PC, and takes a lot of places. So we must be diligent to clean the registry on the computer. Program registry cleaner can fix the problem in our registry and clean up programs that should be removed.

Remember that before you do anything on you computer registry, you should back up all data is stored, just in case. If not, then the program is still in use can be erased just like that, including other important data.

5. Defragment your hard drive

You with the application disk defragmentation, can be found in Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools. This can help improve performance by sharing data placement so as not to meet just one disk location. This could increase the speed of the PC at the time the program starts, also facilitate the search if we are looking for something. Some think this is only a little help improve the performance of a PC, but to maximize your PC’s performance and facilitate the search program, it never hurts to divide the placement location and save time loading.

How to do defragmentation of your computer is not too complicated and can be done without technical skills, here are steps you can do.

  • Click Start, and then click My Computer;
  • Right-click Local Disk, and then click Properties;
  • Click on the Tools tab, and then click Defragment Now.

The Disk Defragmenter appears. Click on the hard disk drive you, and then click Defragment.

Disk Defragmenter will take a while to run, can be started from a few minutes, although in certain cases it could take up to several hours, depending on how much the contents of the hard disk drive. Once completed, you can click Close.

If you have more than one hard disk to be fragmented, you can repeat these steps for hard disk drives, ranging from the fourth step.

Those are some steps you can do to clean your computer and improve performance of PC You. Remember that antivirus and antispyware should always be updated regularly.

You can do this tips and tricks about ‘5 Important Things to Make your Computer Performance Faster’ anytime. Not too complicated right? You can try for yourself to do in 5 steps essential to get performance of your computer faster. So, you can get your computer working run faster easily. Good luck!

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